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Dare to think outside the frame

by admin on 25 February, 2013

Do you dare to think outside the frame?

We’re so proud of our wallerists so we want to show you our first video, where some of them explain you why they chose The Wallery and what they want to express with their murals & vinyls.

We hope you enjoy!

The Wallery – UNFRAMED ART from The Wallery on Vimeo.

Or in our Youtube channel

We want to thank our Wallerists: Amaia Arrazola, Bandid8, Brosmind, Caroline Selmes, Chamo San, Conrad Roset, Guim Tió, Home de Caramel, Iván Bravo & Maria Diamantes to rely on this project.

This video would not have been possible without E2S Production. Thank you team!


by admin on 25 Feb 2013

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