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How to install

In this manual we explain how to install wallpaper mural or vinyl to your walls. 


1. Put the mural in order 

First, place the designs in the correct order. Lay out the wallpaper and arrange it on the floor before you begin installing.

2.  Water on both sides (both sides of the panel & the wall)

Next, get both sides of the mural wet  as well as the wall area where you will adhere your mural. It is very important both sides of the mural and the wall surface be completely wet.

3. Position 

Install from left to right. First take the panel on the far left side.  Place the upper left-hand corner of the panel so that it lines up perfectly with the upper left-hand corner of the wall.  


4. Attach

Use the application tool to press the panel to the surface of the wall. Start at the top end of the panel and  firmly glide from the middle to the edges. The goal here is to smooth out any unwanted bubbles before the glue begins to dry. Press down hard on the panel. Do not be afraid of pressing, the ink and color will not run or bleed.

5. Clean the glue with the application tool

When you’ve finished a panel, clean off the remaining glue, and continue with the next panel. There is 1 cm of repetition so that it can overlap. This helps the transition from panel to panel to appear seamless.

6. Like what you see? take a photo!

We would love to see what you have created!



7. Upload your picture

Upload or send us your makeover picture! If it´s okay with you, we’d like to show it on our website!

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