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Art Design Wallpaper


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Art Design Wallpaper

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5 Steps to Design a Mural in Your Room

Room Design

To add a ton of personality to your room is a task requiring quite some effort and creativity. When you don’t want your home to be simply confined to the walls of bricks daubed in white, other colors can occupy the space to pronounce the overall look and feel of the rooms. It is important to have an idea to start with, leading you further onto the development of creative pieces on the walls forming your place of comfort. One of the best ways to do this is by designing a mural.

If you have been planning to redesign your walls with murals, this is the right place for you to begin your project. Murals can be put up in rooms with ease; you can also create adornments using removable decals. DIY projects are fun as long as you are well aware of how to set things up for multiple tasks. Let us look at the different steps involved in designing a mural in your room.

Room Design

1. Prepare Your Wall

Make sure to check if your wall is clean and smooth enough to start painting or sticking the mural. Remove all lumps and bumps from the surface if you are using stick-up or paste-up murals. Sand the dents and clean the wall by removing the flaking paint. Give the wall a finishing touch with a coat of primer to seal the wall. When you choose to paint the mural, apply the base color the night before to get it dry and ready by morning. On freshly painted walls, murals must be pasted only after two weeks of drying.

2. Peel and Stick Panels

Walls may not look as attractive as it was initially; this could lead you into planning new designs for space after a few years. When you don’t want much trouble removing the mural in the future, the best option is to buy peel and stick panels. Use them to fill the space with bespoke designs and dimensions. You can later remove these panels if you plan to redesign them.

3. Go Big with the Mural

A larger-than-life print of art will create an impact more than multiple small wall hangings. Asymmetric patterns, a wide range of colors and palettes, and nature-inspired designs will make for a striking impression on the walls.

4. Fill the Wall with Memories

There couldn’t be a better way to design a mural for your wall than placing your own picture in that huge space. We are no more in the age of printing small photographs and framing them; go for the blown-up versions of your mural. You could also add your family to the mural if you plan to place it in a common room.

5. Sticker Sets

The furniture placement and the picture element of the various additions to the room can be dictated by the mural. It will be a more flexible option for a design if you stick decals to the painted background.